The Art Of Natural Permanent Cosmetics!


In 2016, Katie traveled to Houston to attend class from one of the top Permanent Makeup artists in the United States, Connie Pearson.  Connie specializes in soft fill eyebrows and multidimensional eyebrow strokes. This was the perfect fit for an already 

experienced portrait artist.  Katie quickly adapted her previous skill sets and began to develop her own techniques in permanent makeup, creating 'portrait' styled tattooed brows as opposed to the traditional 'block' styled brow.  Microblading in Hendersonville and serving  Asheville as well.


Now a certified graduate of the Permetika School of Cosmetic Specialties, specializing in 3D eyebrows, Katie is ready to apply her passion of painting and tattooing to the newest techniques in permanent makeup.  Katie focuses on creating and enhancing natural looking features, aiming for undetectable effortless perfection. 

"Our clients are repeatedly pleased with the subtle but effective results we acheive.  We create beautiful brows, eyes, and lips with just enough detail to enhance natural beauty and balance all facial features without crossing the line." ~Connie Pearson